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Denver Elementary School Resurrects Segregation

A Denver, Colorado school called Centennial Elementary has made news due to their “families of color playground night” sign. Christopher Rufo posted a picture of the sign on his Twitter account and it has gone viral. Commenters replied to the post claiming the picture may be photoshopped or otherwise false. Several news articles confirm the authenticity of Rufo’s post. The school’s own website has the “playground night” listed on its calendar. The sign is totally real and not a parody. However, the legality of the sign is an entirely different matter.

Segregation was legislated in the United States prior to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. By law, schools, restaurants, and other public places were segregated by race. Although every race in the world exists in the United States today, segregation during that time was more of a black/white issue. Segregation was so strict that sometimes things as simple as water fountains were segregated.

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The civil rights movement saw this way of living as inhumane and improper. After many years of struggle, the legal practice of segregation was ended. Schools that had been racially homogenous for many years were often forcibly integrated by a practice called “bussing”. Kids from schools of nearly 100% one race were sent to schools with nearly 100% of another race. This process was not very smooth or appreciated at the time. However, the thought process behind it was always good. Racial segregation is wrong in the United States.

Fast forward beyond the 1964 Civil Rights Act and into current day 2021. The left is now, as they were back then, pushing for segregation. Denver Public Schools says the “families of color playground night” is in response to a request from black families. These families are quoted as saying that they don’t get to spend time with other black people and they only see each other when they pick up and drop off their kids at school. So the purpose of the playground night is to have a space where they can interact and get to know one another. This is probably because blacks are generally an extreme minority west of the Mississippi River. These families could go to a mostly black city like Atlanta, Georgia but safety might be a concern so they opt for safer (and whiter) Denver.

The constant push for forms of segregation from the left cannot be ignored. It happens on college campuses, local communities, K-12 schools, on the internet, in movies, everywhere. They believe that every form of life has some type of racial element attached to it. This is how critical race theory (CRT) is even a “thing”. If this thought process continues then the constant complaints about racism and pre-civil rights United States cannot continue. Either segregation was good or it wasn’t. And if it wasn’t, then what’s happening right now needs to stop. If it doesn’t stop, then that just proves that all of the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protests are not genuine.

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