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Derek Chauvin Nearly Killed In An Arizona Federal Penitentiary

Derek Chauvin was left with serious injuries after he was assaulted at an Arizona Federal Penitentiary. He was immediately treated for life-threatening injuries resulting from stab wounds and taken to a nearby hospital. It is unclear who attacked Chauvin or why. Chauvin was recently transferred to the Tuscon, Arizona Federal Prison after a request his request to be transferred to a minimum-security facility was granted.

Chauvin’s name rose to infamy in May 2020 after the death of George Floyd. Videos flooded social media featuring Minneapolis officers, mainly Chauvin, subduing Floyd on the ground. The image most pointed to that may have caused Floyd’s death is of Chauvin placing his knee on or near Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes. A toxicology report revealed that Floyd had enough drugs in his system to kill any normal human being, but that apparently did not sway the jury in their decision to convict Chauvin. What may have swayed the jury’s decision more than anything else was the endless “Black Lives Matter” riots that ravaged Minneapolis and other cities across the nation after George Floyd’s death.

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