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Former Barack Obama Aide Arrested In NYC On Hate Crime Charges

Stuart Seldowitz, Barack Obama’s former National Security Council chief, was arrested in New York City on hate crime charges. To be exact, Seldowitz has been charged with aggravated harassment, hate crime stalking, stalking with intent to cause fear, and stalking at employment. The charges are related to now-viral videos of Seldowitz harassing a random Russian person and also an Arab Halal food truck worker. The 65-year-old former diplomat was recorded on multiple occasions harassing the worker. He hurled many different anti-Islamic obscenities at the man. It is unclear what ethnicity Seldowitz is, but in one of the videos he held up a pin featuring the flag of Israel. 24-year-old Mohamed Hussein, the food truck worker, said “yes, of course” when asked if he planned to sue Seldowitz over the encounters that left him shaken.


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