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Lizzo Sued By Former Background Dancer For Sexual Harassment And Hostile Work Environment

Body-positive pop singer Lizzo is being sued by three former background dancers over allegations of workplace harassment. The “Truth Hurts” singer is being accused of body-shaming at least one former background dancer while subjecting them to sexually inappropriate scenarios overseas. If this allegation is true, then it would point to an ultimate level of hypocrisy. Lizzo has built a brand on being a perpetual victim of body-shamers online who poke fun at her for being plus-sized.

The lawsuit alleges that Lizzo goaded dancers to touch another woman’s breasts and also pressured them to eat a banana out of a sex worker’s vagina. Two of the dancers were fired for different reasons while one of the dancers resigned due to the negative workplace. Lizzo has not responded to the lawsuit as of the writing of this article.

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