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Did President Trump “Downplay” The Virus?

Journalist Bob Woodward released audio from an interview with Trump that media are interpreting as Trump wanting to “downplay” the virus. The interview snippet made its way around the Twittersphere and mainstream media enough times to encircle the globe in a very short period of time. It’s no coincidence that Bob Woodward has written a book about Trump that will be released on Friday, September 11th.

What better way to promote your book than with a salacious headline about Trump that everyone on both sides of the political aisle and regular people at home will eat up?

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Explanation Necessary?

Trump did indeed say that he wants to “play down” the virus. But responsible journalists shouldn’t just leave that quote hanging in the air without the rest of the quote or for any explanation. Trump clearly said that his goal was to not cause panic. This was obvious from the beginning because of the panic that already existed without much fire and brimstone type of rhetoric coming from the Oval Office. Bob Woodward is causing a small-scale version of the “panic” that Trump specifically wanted to avoid, all because he wants to sell his book.

Nearly every “news” outlet says that Trump downplayed the virus, and that this approach has caused widespread destruction in the United States. They say he ignored medical professionals and harmed Americans in the process. Back in January, Trump was criticized by many of the very same people for overreacting for closing off travel to China. Nancy Pelosi and others on the left were caught on videotape saying that everything is just fine and come on down to Chinatown.

Don’t Mention My Name

Bob Woodward also invoked Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name by saying that the infectious disease expert brought up Trump’s very short attention span and a few other things. Fauci refuted the attention span report and also any “downplaying” of the virus. When the virus first became “the” story back in March 2020, Trump’s Virus Taskforce was on television nearly every day giving the American people updates. Fauci confirmed that whenever Trump spoke about the virus, it came from their internal meetings. Trump did not add or subtract anything publicly from what was said privately.

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Crony Communism

The timing of Bob Woodward’s “bombshell” story about Trump’s handling of the virus is interesting. Trump was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the UAE/Israel deal today (Wednesday, September 9th, 2020). Joe Biden just happened to have some remarks prepared to react to the story. Surely, the Washington Post and Joe Biden’s campaign wouldn’t collude behind the scenes to take advantage of this big “scoop” now would they? Maybe not. But maybe so. In this year of our Lord 2020, nearly anything is possible and nothing should be a surprise anymore.


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