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Entire Rochester Police Command RETIRES After Daniel Prude’s Death

The entire police command staff of Rochester, New York has retired in the wake of the Daniel Prude death and resulting protests. Police Chief La’Ron Singletary released a statement as an explanation for his departure. In part, he stated that outside forces were attempting to characterize him in an inaccurate fashion. Singletary’s statement may refer to allegations of a “cover-up” when it comes to Daniel Prude’s death.

Time to Cash Out and Move On

Most, if not all, of everyone who retired had seniority and will probably receive a pension. Aside from Chief La’Ron Singletary, Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito and Commander Fabian Rivera also announced their retirements. Deputy Chief Mark Simmons and Commander Henry Favor returned to a lower ranking of lieutenant. Other officers in Rochester may announce their retirement very soon.

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Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren announced the news during a City Council “zoom call” briefing. Chief Singletary was supposed to participate in that call but he obviously didn’t. Mayor Warren and the City Council President Loretta Scott both reacted to the retirement news with complete shock. Warren said the news of the entire command staff’s retirement came just moments before the City Council briefing began.

Easily Predictable

Although the Mayor, City Council President, and most of the City Council were taken aback by the mass retirement news, they shouldn’t be surprised. Everyone in liberal Democrat-run cities who allow protesting to happen must expect police to retire and/or quit. Especially in cities where the idea of “defunding” gets bandied about. Why would a person desire to continue working as a police officer when they know there is no support from local government and also no funding? It simply doesn’t make sense.

Other cities are dealing with the same mass retirement and/or mass layoff of police officers issue. Seattle, Washington lost their police chief Carmen Best after the local government voted to defund the police. Meanwhile, Dallas police chief U. Renee Hall also resigned for similar reasons. Police officers in cities like Los Angeles and Portland are either retiring or moving to nearby locations where they have support from government and less stress from a lawless city.

Counterproductive Productivity

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The result of the mass exodus of police is already apparent in the United States. Violent crimes of all types, including homicide, are through the roof. Black Lives Matter claim that all of their actions (which is in some cases successfully driving police away) are for the betterment of the black community. But the reality is that less police means a more dangerous black community. Recent polls suggest that BLM has had an adverse effect on the black vote. More black (and Hispanic) voters are veering towards Trump, probably because he is anti-violence unlike the Democrats.


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  1. I only just found your site because you cut the description in your youtube video and directed people here (great idea by the way)!

    Love the format, will be making this a regular stop on my normal news checkups.

    Regarding Prude:
    Sad that this happened, but people need to realize what actually happened that night.

    Prude got high on PCP. Prude ran out the front door of the house he was staying in (his brothers I believe). Prudes brother called the police. The police found prude roaming the streets naked. Prude told the officers he had COVID. Prude was spitting on the officers. The officers put a spit hood on Prude (this is what happens when you spit on cops and are under arrest). The officers, following their training, restrained a resisting suspect and knowing he was high out of his mind held him down so he wouldn’t smash his face into the asphalt (people do this…). Prude began vomitting and went unconscious. The officers administered CPR to Prude while they awaited an EMT. Prude was taken to the hospital where he was placed on life support. Prude died 7 days later when life support was removed.

    I challenge anyone to tell me what the cops did wrong.


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