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Diddy Starts A Black Political Party, Then Endorses Joe Biden!

The rapper/media mogul known as Diddy started a political party for black people called “Our Black Party”. The purpose of the political party is to focus on black-centric issues away from the typical Democrat/Republican labels. Diddy laid out the party’s core tenets and the first order of business during a meeting with Charlamagne Da God aka Lenard Larry McKelvey. More information about OBP is also outlined on their website.

Although “Our Black Party” is branded as a new political movement that is neither Democrat nor Republican, one peek into the organization reveals a structure that is nearly the equivalent to Democrats. OBP’s first order of business is to remove Donald Trump from office. Diddy said that if Trump were to be re-elected, then a race war would commence. Diddy also endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The media mogul acknowledged a need to hold Joe Biden’s feet to the fire and demand accountability. Now whether or not what Diddy will be able to do with Joe Biden that has not been tried and failed in the past 47 years is the million-dollar question.

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A few weeks ago, Diddy encouraged black voters to “hold their vote” because Democrats nor Republicans do anything for the black community. Diddy is now abandoning that stance he took because it is “irresponsible” to withhold the vote during this election because of the dire circumstances and potential consequences. Even though Charlamagne is essentially an employee of Diddy at REVOLT, he did ask Diddy a few good questions.

One question that Charlamange asked Diddy was about his prior relationship with President Donald Trump. Diddy is a New-York based entertainer and businessman, just the same as Trump. They have crossed paths several times over the years and have taken tons of pictures together. Diddy never said anything about Trump being a racist during the 20+ years that he has known him. Now all of a sudden, Trump is an existential threat to humanity as we know it. Diddy said that Trump was always respected as a shrewd businessman in New York, but now God is using him to expose racism. Whatever that means.

One peek behind the curtain of Diddy’s new political party shows that it is nothing more than a black-only Democratic Party. All of, if not the majority of, Our Black Party’s board is filled with Democrat operatives. The mission statement and core tenets listed on their website look like Black Lives Matter and the Green New Deal rolled into one, just without so much environment stuff. OBP is simply a social justice political party. Not different than Democrats at all.

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So this begs the question. What is the purpose in starting a “black” political party if it is just the same as the Democratic Party? Everyone on the board of OBP, and Diddy himself, should just slide over to the Democrats and hope they can get something there. Because any leverage they had is now gone since Diddy thinks that holding the vote until voters get something in return for it is now irresponsible.


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