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Do Americans Really Know What “The 4th of July” Is About?

Mark Dice recently posted a “man on the street” interview in which he asked Americans what the “4th of July” actually means. He has a series of these sorts of interviews on his channel. The questions are different but the answers are always interesting. Some would accuse him of “cherry-picking” uninformed people to display on said videos, but there are the occasional breaths of fresh air who actually have knowledge on whatever the subject matter is. This video is similar in nature to others Mark Dice has on his channel. Quite a few people had no idea what the “4th of July” is actually all about. However, a handful of people know full well what Independence Day is.


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  1. Guaranteed the only reason many of the “winners” in the dumb test knew the correct answer is because of an almost equally as dumb movie by the same title. Guaranteed if you ask any of these halfwits about weed, fags, lesbos and nigger goings on, they’d get 100% of those answers incorrect too. So basically my last point has zero point and I digress. But one point that cannot be denied is 21st century Americans are so stupid its pathetic and laughably absurd. Schools don’t teach anymore, they indoctrinate and brainwash.


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