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WNBA Player Brittney Griner Pleads With Joe Biden To Free Her From Russian Jail

WNBA basketball player Brittney Griner has penned Joe Biden a letter in an attempt to be released from a Russian jail. She was arrested at a Russian airport and taken into custody in February of this year for apparently smuggling drugs. Airport security found vape cartridges with marijuana and hash oil. This is a crime in Russia and she was sent to jail.

There has been a small outcry from the United States and the basketball community behind Griner’s detainment. Some say she is being used as a “political pawn” due to Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Others say that Griner simply broke the law and is now paying the cost. One thing is for sure, though. If Trump were in office instead of the guy that Griner voted for – Joe Biden, then she would have a much better chance of coming home.

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Trump freed several high-profile people from foreign detainment. Semi-pro basketball player LiAngelo Ball was arrested in China while playing for UCLA in 2017. He apparently shoplifted a pair of sunglasses and was subsequently put out on house arrest in a hotel. Shoplifting is a severe offense in China that could have easily landed him in a Chinese prison. Trump picked up the phone and ultimately, Ball was released. Rapper ASAP Rocky, who now has a child with pop music superstar Rihanna, was arrested in Sweden a few years back for fighting. Trump made another phone call and got him out of jail. Recently, an article alleges that Trump threatened to start a trade war with Sweden over the ASAP Rocky detainment.

Brittney Griner voted for Joe Biden in 2020. She is currently pleading for his help in her current situation. Biden doesn’t appear to have her high on his priority list. Especially not dealing with a nation like Russia. If the United States is waging a proxy war against Russia by way of Ukraine, then why be concerned about an obscure basketball player who won’t move the political needle at all? Biden probably thinks it’s best to ignore her and continue depriving the American people of affordable goods like gas and food.


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  1. What it really boils down to is the fact that pretty much every country BUT the USA has laws protecting the innocent public from criminals and deviants, such as this one. It’s called morals. Something clearly America currently has none of. In the USA the criminal is given special rights, not the victim. Why is that? Money. Crime pays. The entire legal system is one big money grubbing hustle.

    It’s really simple, if you wish not to be treated like an animal, don’t act like one. Obey the law or petition to change them. Especially when visiting another country. You either respect the people, culture and laws or suffer the consequences. Crime rates in both of the aforementioned countries are a teeny tiny fraction of the complete and utter disaster we have in America today. Go figure.


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