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Dog Catches Monkeypox From Gay Male Couple In Paris

An LGBT male couple in Paris apparently spread the monkeypox virus to their dog days after they realized they had contracted it. The men have the typical profile of others who have been swept up in this recent outbreak. The median age of those who have contracted monkeypox in the United States is 38. The men in this situation are 44 and 27 respectively. Another commonality between those who have contracted monkeypox is their highly promiscuous lifestyles. The men in this case both identify as non-monogamous and they have sexual relations with multiple people in a very short period of time. And of course, all of their sexual partners are other gay men.

The million-dollar question here is quite obvious but it must be asked. How did two gay men pass along monkeypox to their dog? To even ask this question in 2022 may be considered homophobic but it is a logical question. All of the data and information that has come about thus far lays the blame for this disease outbreak at the feet of male-on-male sexual activity. So to have a pet dog introduced into the mix of those infected with such a disease is a head-scratcher, to say the least.

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The men say that their dog sleeps in the bed with them but they stop short of admitting to anything nefarious. The hypothesis behind their dog catching monkeypox is that the dog licked one or both of them and then licked itself. If this hypothesis is reality, then that opens up another set of questions. If the dog can catch monkeypox from contact with infected humans, then can the dog catch it from other dogs who are infected? Can the dog spread monkeypox to other dogs? Could an infected dog spread the virus to their owners? This story is interesting at best and disgusting at worst. Either way, there appear to be many more questions than answers here.


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