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Houston CPS Caught On Camera Telling 14-Year-Old To Become Prostitute

A Texas CPS worker was caught on a cellphone camera video advising a 14-year-old to do the unimaginable for money. The teenager in question was (or is) living out of a hotel and asked the CPS worker about getting something to eat. The worker advised her to become a prostitute to take care of her financial problems. This, apparently is not an uncommon piece of advice for Houston CPS workers to give under-aged girls. There was even a citation of sorts to this particular CPS unit over funneling girls into the sex industry.

Apparently, not much action was taken to weed out the problem of underaged sex trafficking in Texas CPS. It has become persistent and widespread. The teenage girl who recorded the video of the CPS worker giving her sex-worker advice says that the person had been telling her the same thing for a while now. She finally decided to get it all on camera so her story would be verified.

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Shocking moment child protective services worker advises 14-year-old girl to become a PROSTITUTE | Daily Mail Online

CPS employee tells 14-year-old to become prostitute – YouTube

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  1. Yawn. Black on black crime. Whats new. Time and time again from the bottom levels all the way to the top it never fails.. buffalo soldier hypocritical self centered, ignorant, opportunistic, lazy black people in America should not be in any position of authority whatsoever. Of course it’ll somehow be spun to make it a white straight male to blame and the “homeless” girl and her mother awarded millions in “reparations”. Pathetic.

  2. now whats wrong with being a prostitute? “my body, my choice”, “providing an essential service” and all of that? sex workers err, escorts have rights too! nigger please. texas is such a cesspool of serial killers, violent sex crimes, drugs, illegals, you name it. just give it back to mexico already. good riddance.


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