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DOJ Says Yale Discriminates Against Asian And White Students!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) says Yale University is illegally discriminating against white and Asian students in the application and admission process. The findings come as a result of a two-year-long investigation by the DOJ. Similar complaints were levied against Harvard in 2019 via class-action lawsuit from a group of Asian students who claimed racial discrimination. The DOJ filed paperwork in 2019 that supports the claims of the Asian students suing Harvard.

Trying To Right Wrongs

President Trump’s administration has a particular focus on rooting out racism and discrimination on colleges and universities. This focus does not just to apply to on-campus harassment, but also to administrative-level bigotry and racism. Vocal opponents of Trump’s approach to tackling racism on campus argue that the administration is interfering with affirmative action and long-standing Supreme Court precedent.

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The Supreme Court does allow race as a factor college admissions, but decisions based on race must be “narrowly tailored” in an effort to promote diversity. “Narrowly tailored” does not appear to apply in cases of Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth. The DOJ’s investigation into Yale says that white and Asian students had “one-tenth to one-fourth” of the likelihood of admission as a black student with comparable academic performance.

Smoke And Mirrors

The DOJ’s investigation also concluded that race was the “determinant” factor in hundreds of Yale University applications. Yale does admit to considering race but they also consider the “whole person.” Yale’s claim is confirmed by the DOJ… but there is more to it. Race plays a factor in nearly all of the other admission factors that are not about race.

Asian students at Harvard complained of performing very poorly in the “personality” section of their applications much more than anyone else. Since the personality portion is judged with the discretion of whoever is judging it, that creates an avenue to mask racial admission as something else.

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There is an argument that racial discrimination against blacks and Hispanics was a serious issue in higher education at one point in the past. Those days are over with. Now, the pendulum has violently swung in the opposite direction. The racism is against whites and Asians in an effort to promote “diversity” on college campuses. And the sad part is that black and Hispanics that make it to ivy league schools are often placed there artificially and mismatched with the program.

If a black student from Atlanta is at the top of his class, the valedictorian, voted most likely to succeed by his peers complete with a full-color photo in his yearbook, he may think that going to Yale makes sense if he is accepted. But if he goes to Yale and performs near the bottom of his class, and he’s one of the only black students, devilish thoughts of “racism” against him may enter his mind. And it’s easy for some random liberal “black studies” professor to radicalize him about how bad white people are. And thus, a Black Lives Matter screecher is born.

Reverse Racism

Affirmative Action is not a good thing. Racial discrimination and race-based admissions are the same things. Colleges should be based on meritocracy. Academic performance should reign supreme. But that is not happening right now. Hopefully, the Trump administration is able to change that sooner than later.

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