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Media Smear Dolly Parton As A BLM Supporter!

Mainstream media are reporting that Dolly Parton supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) due to her comments in a recent “Billboard” interview. Lefties all over the country including many celebrities are praising Dolly as a “woke hero” as a result. The only problem is that Dolly Parton did not actually praise the organization Black Lives Matter, nor did she echo the general sentiment of “black lives matter.”

The Spin Begins

The Billboard interviewer asked Parton a general question something along the lines of “do you think black lives matter” or “what do you think about it.” Dolly answered the question in a matter-of-fact way and not in a political way, which she never does anyway. The legendary country singer said “of course black lives matter” but then went on to say “everybody matters.”

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If a person says “everybody matters” while being asked about BLM, then they are essentially saying “all lives matter.” Rabid BLM supporters who are rioting throughout the streets of America generally hate the phrase “all lives matter” because they see it as an affront to what they’re doing. In reality, Dolly Parton is just speaking in a common-sense way, not in a political one, nor is she attempting to divide or offend. So the thought of saying “everybody matters” or “black lives matter” does not register to her as political.

Media Stooping To Newer Lows

The media are simply attempting to smear Dolly Parton as a political BLM supporter when that is simply not the case. She is not driven by race or politics. Dolly’s goal in life is to help people and that’s not changed in decades. She has contributed to the literacy of thousands of children with her Imagination Library that has handed out millions of books. Dolly is viewed as a living legend not just for country music, but for her near-unmatched philanthropy and good-heartedness.


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  1. The sooner the BBC are defunded the better. I didn’t check the other links but having seen your video I was ashamed by the lies put out by an organisation that dares to call itself impartial. I’m not a Dolly Parton fan as such, I know and have enjoyed some of her songs, but when the mainstream media lies so blatantly, you know the cause they’re supporting is not worthy.

  2. Love you Dolly, I must be the oldest living soul to never have actually met you but I have met some of your family. You would never intentionally hurt a living thing. Been watching you on the Cas Walker show since I was 6 when you played on his morning show


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