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STREET INTERVIEWS: Trump Was The Man, Biden Is Messing Up!

Savannah Hernandez ( @Sav Says ) conducted street interviews with all black males about the state of the country and Trump vs. Biden. The left would have the country believe that it is uncommon for black people to come out and support anything conservative due to the high rates (90%) of blacks voting for Democrats nationwide. The problem with that train of thought is that it was not always this way. And certain things have happened throughout history to change black America’s voting patterns. The poor job that Biden is doing with the economy in comparison to what Trump did may change quite a few minds in the black community. These street interviews that Savannah conducted were quite eye-opening, but they should not be surprising.


Benny Johnson on Twitter: “Urban gas station customers have meltdown over fuel prices— blame Joe Biden. “We want Trump back!”″ / Twitter

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