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Donald Trump Charged With More Crimes Relating To Classified Documents Case, May Face More

Former President Donald Trump faces more charges in relation to the classified documents case. This would bring the grand total to 40 pending charges. In addition to Trump and Trump valet Walt Nauta being charged, the head of maintenance (janitor) at Mar-A-Lago is also being charged. His name is Carlos De Oliveira. There is also the possibility of another indictment in relation to the January 6th drama from Special Counsel Jack Smith. All of this is happening at a very rapid pace while both the Hunter & Joe Biden investigations are happening at a snail’s pace.

Hillary Clinton faced similar charges as Donald Trump, but then head of the FBI James Comey delivered a statement at the zero-hour before an election to say that while there is enough evidence to go forward, no reasonable prosecutor would do so. That same luxury is obviously not afforded to Trump.

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The 45th President’s poll numbers have shot through the roof ever since the first indictment was announced. The objective of Biden’s DOJ appears to be to slow Trump’s progress toward 2024 down with frivolous court action, but the litigiousness appears to be having the opposite effect.


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