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Carlee Russell Arrested And Charged With Two Misdemeanors Over Kidnapping Hoax

Carlee Russell has been arrested and charged with two misdemeanors relating to the kidnapping hoax she has confessed to. The Police Chief in Hoover, Alabama gave a press conference to outline the charges. Russell faces charges of false reporting to law enforcement and false reporting of an incident. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of a $6,000 fine and one year in jail. It is not clear if she is being charged for alleging that she was kidnapped or if it is about the wayward baby she called the police about that never existed.

The Chief of Police said, during the press conference, that Carlee Russell turned herself in at the Hoover City Jail and was released upon posting bail. He says that the local force has been inundated with phone calls angry about Carlee’s punishment due to its lack of severity. The charges against her had leaked before the chief announced them during the conference. The chief says he shares the sentiments of people who are upset at the light charges and he will do anything within his power to enhance them so that Carlee is truly held accountable.

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