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“Dreadhead Cowboy” Nearly KILLS His Horse During Protest!

Chicago, Illinois activist Adam Hollingsworth a.k.a. “Dreadhead Cowboy” nearly killed his horse during a “protest” for “Kids Lives Matter” on the Dan Ryan Expressway. Hollingsworth rode the horse primarily in full gallop, without shoes, directly on the concrete pavement of the expressway. This “protest” lasted for a half-hour and covered about 7.5 miles in distance. A few of Hollingsworth’s supporters flanked him on motorcycles to keep traffic from passing by.

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Witnesses claim they saw Hollingsworth kick and whip the horse when it slowed down during the half-hour gallop. The horse even collapsed at one point during the gallop and Hollingsworth beat the horse to get it back up and running. Eventually, the horse could take no more and simply collapsed on the side of the road. The police arrested Hollingsworth and he is facing several charges, the most serious one obviously being felony cruelty to animals.

The horse, named “NuNu” would have died if she was not rescued by local authorities. Initial reports state that the horse was so exhausted that her eyes looked like “cartoon eyes.” The damage and exhaustion the horse endured was the equivalent of forcing an 80-year-old woman to run a full marathon. If the horse cannot recover from her injuries, then she may need to be put down.

“Dreadhead Cowboy” did a press conference after the incident on the Dan Ryan to explain why he pulled the Dan Ryan stunt. He spoke about his cause called “Kids Lives Matter” which is aimed at reducing inner-city Chicago violence among young people. That notion is great, in theory, but Hollingsworth’s methods to get it into practice are shady and disruptive if not outright dangerous, and totally unlawful.

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Adam Hollingsworth is no stranger to protests and local government activism. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot enlisted Hollingsworth as the “Census Cowboy” early on in the summer. Since Hollingsworth is already known for riding his horse in black areas like South Chicago and also in upscale Downtown, he may be seen as a sort of a local celebrity. So Lightfoot brought him on to help. It’s not clear how much he was paid for this service or even if he got paid at all.

During the recent “Black Lives Matter” protests, Hollingsworth was there, on his horse. He also took a trip to Milwaukee, with his horse in a trailer, to “lead” BLM protests out there as well. Local liberal media in Chicago does not appear willing to highlight the entire picture behind “Dreadhead Cowboy.” Maybe it goes against the narrative that people who are black and believe in black lives matter, or some variation of it, can do no wrong. In this case, Hollingsworth absolutely did wrong.


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