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Entitled District Attorney Apologizes After Cop Berating Video Goes Viral

Monroe County, New York, District Attorney Sandra Doorley apologized after a chaotic video featuring her went viral. A police officer attempted to pull the prosecutor over just a short distance from her home. Doorley decided not to stop and just pulled into her garage. The officer pursued her into the garage and, ultimately, her home as she refused to engage. Their interaction was recorded on a body-worn camera. Doorley treated the officer poorly. She even resorted to calling the Chief of Police and told the officer to speak to him.

Doorley used her power as the District Attorney to shield herself from following the law as she would want others to do. All of this back-and-forth was over a speeding ticket for 20 over the limit. The footage was released to the public and went viral on social media. Critics of the prosecutor are calling for her resignation, and some are calling for her arrest. She apologized for how she treated the officer and suggested ways to discipline herself, including going to sensitivity training.

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