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NYPD Arrests 300 Professional Protesters And Students At Columbia

NYPD arrests 300 professional protesters and students at Columbia University after a violent takeover of the institution. The protest is reportedly about the Israel-Palestine conflict. People barricaded themselves in several buildings on campus with heavy-duty chains. They also used chairs, vending machines, and several other heavy objects. NYPD was forced to use a heavy “BearCat” vehicle to infiltrate the college through windows and high doors. New York City Mayor Eric Adams says there is evidence that many individuals involved are outside agitators with an agenda beyond students expressing their freedom of speech.


Columbia, City College protests lead to nearly 300 arrests. Mayor blames “movement to radicalize young people.” – CBS New York

Campus protests live: NYC police arrest around 300 at universities in ‘massive operation’, mayor says – BBC News

City College protests: NYPD arrests nearly 300 CCNY, Columbia protesters – ABC7 New York

College Protests: Police On Campus at Columbia and UCLA – Bloomberg

NYPD arrests nearly 300 pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia, City College of New York

NYPD arrest 300 at Columbia, NYC protests – YouTube

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