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Evictions Exploding In Numbers Throughout Atlanta

There are 12,000 new eviction filings in Atlanta after the rent moratorium that was put in place during the pandemic expired. The key to this moratorium that may not be abundantly clear to people is that it did not stop the “clock” on rent payments. All that the moratorium did was “pause” rent payments. For example, if someone’s rent was $1,000 per month and the moratorium paused payments for one year, the person who lived there the entire time without paying rent would owe $12,000 once the moratorium expired.

Obviously, if a person cannot pay $1,000 at any month during the pause, then they won’t be able to pay $12,000 at once. This has caused the largest number of eviction filings in the history of the city. A similar scene is being played out throughout the country due not only to expiring rent moratoriums but also to expiring student loan debt moratoriums.

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Atlanta renters lose protection as city lifts eviction moratorium

Thousands in Atlanta face evictions as city lifts moratorium | FOX 5 News – YouTube

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