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Chicago Residents Ask If They Can Close Borders Of The City And Illinois

During yet another raucous city council meeting in Chicago, angry residents inquired about the closure of the borders of the city and the state of Illinois. This request (or demand) comes as a result of the so-called “migrant crisis.” Hordes of illegal aliens and/or asylum seekers have flooded the city since the start of the Biden administration. An estimated 6.4 million (and counting) have poured into the country in just one year’s time. Thousands of them have been bussed to major cities with Democratic leadership that declared themselves as “sanctuaries.” New York is obviously at the top of the list and Chicago is right next to them.

News reports say that 82% of Chicago voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. The black community specifically had an even higher voting percentage, a whopping 97%. The Mayor of Chicago and Governor of Illinois are also both Democrats. Open borders and sanctuary cities are policies that all of the aforementioned championed before they were elected. Now that the results of these policies have become evident, the same people who voted for these individuals in the first place are now having buyer’s remorse.

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“Why Can’t We Close The Borders Of Chicago Or The State Of Illinois?” – YouTube

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