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Far Leftist House Rep Candidate Demands $30 Minimum Wage

Far-leftist House Rep candidate from Washington State, Rebecca Parson, demands a $30 per hour minimum wage. The “squad” ally is running a campaign based on all of the “typical” talking points and principles of Bernie Sanders acolytes. Parson wants free everything for everyone. This includes free education all the way to free housing and everything in-between. Parson labeled the idea of a $15 minimum wage (which has not been achieved yet on the Federal level) as antiquated. She believes that new challenges in society necessitate a minimum wage of $30 at the bare minimum as the “floor”. But, of course, Government intervention with financial markets usually never pan out as well as lawmakers hope they may.


Mike Rowe slams Dem’s call for $30 minimum wage: ‘Why not $50?’ – YouTube

Rebecca Parson

Democratic socialist congressional candidate says $15 minimum wage is ‘antiquated’: ‘$30 is the floor’ | Fox News

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