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College Student Left Speechless During An Abortion Debate With Kristan Hawkins

Kristan Hawkins, of Students For Life of America, gave a talk in front of a college somewhere in the United States about the value of life. Students For Life has the mission to “save babies” and “empower women”. So, of course, some students showed up to argue the opposite. Pro-choice protesters showed up with signs and a mouth full of attitude. The problem came when the pro-choice crowd was prompted to prove their arguments against the pro-choice debate in Kristan Hawkins. The crowd got a little testy but they didn’t go over the top and Hawkins remained calm the entire time. The debate went well. Maybe not so well for the pro-choice students who wound up stumped when faced with serious questions regarding their beliefs.


Pro-Choicer Defeated By Simple Logic – Kristan Hawkins – YouTube

Home – Students For Life of America

The Coming Battle Over the Anti-Abortion Movement’s Future | Time

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  1. I dont see any black people in the video screen shot. thats racist. LOL both “sides” can now GFYS for thinking you know better than anyone else and can make decisions for everyone else. idiots.


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