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Fauci Says The Pandemic Revealed Undeniable Effects Of Racism In America

Anthony Fauci recently highlighted the “undeniable” effects of racism in America on the health and survivability of those stricken with the virus. His remarks came during the commencement speech he gave for the Atlanta-based Emory University. Factors that contribute to higher mortality from the virus, such as bad diet and exposure to the general public through front-fracing jobs, are said to be more common among “people of color”. Instead of digging deeper into the reasons why certain circumstances exist for “people of color”, Fauci just pointed to the idea of “racism” to explain it all.

To blame “racism” for all of the problems that nonwhite people face with the virus is simply lazy. Maybe there are reasons aside from “oppression” that make people decide to eat food and lay on the ground all day to the point where they get to be over six hundred pounds. Phenomena such as “food deserts” are often blamed for the lack of proper nutrition in poor minority areas. Again, this explanation simply stems from laziness. Anyone can grab their phone or head to their nearest free library and research the proper way to eat. If they cannot find the specific kind of food they require in a nearby store, they can set up shipments on Amazon to have certain foods brought straight to their homes. If “poor minority” areas are littered with brown smiley-face check-marked boxes, why can’t these boxes be filled with good food? “Racism” simply a lazy copout.

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Fauci has risen to stardom since the pandemic started in March of 2020. He is one of the only, if not *the* only, remaining high-profile members of Trump’s pandemic team. This is quite confusing because Fauci has not been doing a great job in his position. He has been wrong over and over again. When the idea of masks was first mentioned when the pandemic started, he encouraged Americans to not wear them. He said that masks may “block a droplet or two” but they will not give mask wears the perfect protection that they think it does.

The reason why Fauci has not been fired like many of his other Trump administration colleagues is because he was seen as a mole in that administration. Fauci would constantly go on television and contradict things Trump would say. This is ironic because Fauci also said that Trump always told the public what was told to him behind closed doors in briefings. Fauci is simply an agent of chaos and the left adores him for it. All these ramblings about racism simply seek to further sow seeds of dissent. Fauci may be not be great at his medical advice, but he is fantastic at creating a spectacle of himself for the purpose of dividing the American people.


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