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Virginia Mother Delivers Blistering Message Against Critical Race Theory

A mother in Loudon County, Virginia delivered a blistering teardown of the Loudon County, Virginia school system over Critical Race Theory. The woman in the now-viral video spoke about teachers attempting to teach her children this racist ideology as positive and normal. Other parents in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. suburb have rallied around the mother to support her condemnation of CRT.

The video in question went viral due to the crystal-clear message that it sent. And the message is that teaching racism in schools is totally unacceptable. Educators (and legislators) who endorse CRT claim to come from a place of desiring equity and fairness. One of the leading proponents of CRT, an academic named Ibram X. Kendi, wrote about it called “How To Be An Antiracist”. People who do not understand the true nature of critical race theory may see the title of the book and the author’s black race and think it is a positive thing. But once a person looks a little under the hood, the truth is revealed.

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Critical race theory advocates say that this ideology is about fixing the issues of racism in the United States that have gone unresolved since the Civil Rights Movement ended in the 60’s and 70’s. The glaring problem is that CRT itself is obviously racist. A prime example of the racism in CRT came from The Smithsonian a while back. There was a pamphlet that downplayed things like having a nuclear family and being on time as “whiteness.” And in the context of CRT, being white or the idea of “whiteness” is the ultimate sin.

Academics seek to improve the nation by “educating” children about CRT. Legal types (lawyers) seek to fight court battles and enact legislation to force CRT. It does not make sense to solve racism with more racism. And in order to prevent CRT from becoming mainstream thought, more people like the woman in the viral video will need to stand up and make their voices heard.


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