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Alabama Birthday Party Mass Shooting Leaves 28 Shot, 4 Dead

A birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama (near Montgomery) ended in tragedy with 28 shot and 4 longer alive. The event was a “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party, so there were quite a few young people in attendance. Some adult chaperones and/or partygoers were also among the victims.

Not many details are currently known about the motive of the shooters or who the shooters are. This story is getting some attention from the national press, but nowhere near the level of the recent shooting in Nashville or Uvalde, Texas. There are a couple of factors to consider.

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First of all, this shooting involved mostly all, if not 100%, black victims. The shooters were probably black as well. Race should not be a factor in covering tragedies with an equal amount of fervor, but it is. Not necessarily because mainstream media and politicians are racists, but because of narrative crafting. Mass shootings with white suspects are very easy to use to push agendas.

Gun control is always the first thing said whenever there is a school shooting. If the shooter is a young white male, gun control nearly comes secondary to racism and political allegiances. Furthermore, young white males get heavily scrutinized in society for not having a family or playing too many video games. Sometimes these people are labeled as “incels”. That label is pretty much a future indicator of a mass shooter. No such thing is done for non-whites, especially blacks.

Labeling black Americans with future predictors like what is done for white Americans is seen as racist. So, in order to counteract that, black-on-black shootings simply get less coverage or they get totally ignored, dismissed as common ghetto violence. Or, at the very worst, these shootings are often blamed on the proverbial “white man”.

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Alabama shooting: 4 killed, 28 injured at Dadeville birthday party – CBS News

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