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FBI Will Investigate Angry Parents At School Board Meetings

Attorney General Merrick Garland says the DOJ will send the FBI after angry parents expressing their grievances at school board meetings. To be more exact, the FBI will investigate episodes of threats of violence and/or intimidation from parents toward teachers and school board members. School board meetings are generally open to the public although not very closely watched or attended by the majority of K-12 parents. However, with recent news highlighting things such as critical race theory and virus regulations, parents are becoming much more involved. Some people would rather things go back to the way they were.

The announcement comes after the National School Boards Association (NSBA) asked President Biden for “immediate assistance” to help teachers, school board members, and students who have been “threatened” by angry parents. Some support the move because it provides better security for members of academia during a confusing political time. The flip side is that freedom of speech and the First Amendment to the US Constitution are clearly being trampled on. The FBI should not be going after soccer moms and big-truck dads over their righteous indignation. Especially since they don’t go after truly dangerous organizations such as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

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School boards have been trying to limit the public nature of their meetings due to the recent influx of concerned parents. These teachers’ unions and school board members would rather teach harmful ideology like critical race theory without “outside” input. Since schools are taxpayer-funded, there isn’t much they can do to avoid taxpayers. The best thing these schools can do is call on the Federal Government to interfere in the matters of towns and cities across the nation. This decision may backfire in a serious way. Instead of casually observing what’s happening at their child’s school, parents all across the country may now stand up and take notice in a more meaningful way.


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