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ESPN SportsCenter Host Sage Steele Suspended After Controversial Obama Comments

Sage Steele, the host of ESPN SportsCenter, was suspended for one week by the network after controversial comments about Barack Obama. Steele also commented on how “sick” and “scary” the network’s vaccine mandate is. Both comments were made on Jay Cutler’s “Uncut” podcast. Ironically enough, Steele still caught the virus and she was suspended partly for that reason. ESPN mentioned her positive virus test in a statement released about her suspension. They may want the general public to believe this is a break for Sage Steele’s health, but the reality is that her comments about Obama have placed her on thin ice.

At some part of the podcast, Sage Steele began to talk about race in the context of the US Census. Someone asked her what she would fill out when it comes to the question of race/ethnicity and she replied “both”. The person then asked her why she wouldn’t just fill out “black” like Barack Obama does. Steele said that whatever Obama does is fine and good for him but he is biracial just as she is. They both have black fathers and white mothers. The difference is that Steele was raised by both parents and Obama was not. So, her question was basically: “why would Obama fill out black when his black father was never around and he was raised by his white family”? This caused a lot of anger from some more of the “woke” viewers of ESPN and/or casual observers of celebrity figures. The fact that her statement was true didn’t seem to matter too much.

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Steele also railed against the vaccine mandate during the podcast. She is vaccinated, but begrudgingly so. The only reason she got the vaccine is because of the mandate. And, as mentioned earlier, she now has the virus. ESPN attempted to announce the suspension in the context of having the virus, but this is nonsense. ESPN has no issue doing remote shots. They have done so countless times throughout the pandemic. They could have easily had Sage Steele broadcast from home or elsewhere.


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