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Leftist Activists Harass Senators Kyrsten Sinema And Joe Manchin

Liberal leftist protesters recently harassed Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin over their inaction toward the “Build Back Better” bill. The bill in question costs a whopping bare minimum of $3.5 trillion with an estimated maximum of $5.5 trillion. Joe Biden and other Democrats point the finger at Sinema and Manchin as the only two people holding the bill up from becoming law. But in reality, there are 50 Republicans and at least two Democrats who are refusing to vote yes.

Manchin signed a letter earlier in the year stating he would not go beyond $1.5 trillion in a spending bill. The West Virginia Senator was completely on board with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that came in with a price tag of $1.2 trillion. As a matter of fact, that bill had bipartisan support. Some far-leftist Democrats like Bernie Sanders refused to vote on it because they thought it did not go far enough. Things like climate change and amnesty for illegal aliens did not exist in that bill. So Nancy Pelosi cancelled the vote. So instead of the original $1.2 trillion-dollar “infrastructure” bill, the $3.5 to $.5.5 trillion-dollar “Build Back Better” deal is on the table.

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The far-leftist “Build Back Better” bill simply costs too much. Kyrsten Sinema is on board with Joe Manchin when it comes to the cost and scope of the current bill. As moderate Democrats, they are simply not in favor of voting for such a thing. Since the far-leftist Democrats don’t want to sign the bill with bipartisan support that costs less, the Senate is at an impasse. There is also the issue of the debt ceiling on the horizon. Something must be done. Maybe that’s why the protesters came out in full force against Sinema and Manchin.

Kyrsten Sinema is an adjunct professor of law at Arizona State University. Protesters stormed her class with students inside. They filmed the students with their phones against their wishes and then essentially chased Sinema into a bathroom stall. Their concerns were about amnesty for illegal aliens. Needless to say, this was not the best place to confront an elected official. Especially since following someone into a bathroom and then recording them may be against the law.

Joe Manchin was on his boat called “Almost Heaven” (a reference to West Virginia) on the Potomac River in DC. Some “kayaktivists” decided to screech a few things at the Senator through megaphones and other means. Manchin leaned over the deck of his boat to kindly answer their questions and attempt to reach a middle ground. After a very short period of time, it was clear that they were probably not West Virginia constituents and probably just paid agitators attempting to force him to sign the Build Back Better bill.

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Joe Biden was asked about the protests against the Senators during some sort of press conference. His response is that he doesn’t agree with the actions of the protesters but “it happens to all of us” and “it’s part of the process”. That’s an interesting choice of words used to describe what happened to Sinema and Manchin. The level of animosity toward them and also the invasion of space seems comparable to January 6th. But only one of the aforementioned incidents is repeated every day by the mainstream media as if is worse than 9/11.


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