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Federal HHS Whistleblower Exposes Lies Behind The Vaccine

A registered nurse with Health and Human Services has decided to come forward as a whistleblower and expose lies surrounding the vaccine. The RN’s name is Jodi O’Malley and she is probably the first federal employee in healthcare to come forward in this fashion. She enlisted the help of James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to boost the signal of her whistleblowing efforts. As of the writing of this article, a 13-minute video is up on YouTube where O’Malley and O’Keefe discuss her “undercover” video footage. The findings are revealing… but not necessarily shocking to everyone.

The main subject matter discussed in the footage released so far is how information is hidden from the general public. When political figures turned media darlings like Anthony Fauci say things on television, the full story is not being told. Their words are curated to craft a message but in the interest of transparency. Americans are capable of making rational decisions with all available and factual information. There is no need to engage in censorship. But this is exactly what is allegedly happening. Serious vaccine complications are simply not being reported (or at least not often). So when someone contracts a serious illness like Myocarditis, it is labeled “rare”. How is the rarity of a side effect knowable if instances of it are rarely reported?

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Jodi O’Malley is risking a lot by revealing herself as a whistleblower while being a federal employee. The US Government can be vindictive when it comes to sensitive topics like the virus and the vaccine. Not only is she at risk but her family may also be targets of retribution. By not only the Government but also regular citizens of the United States who are motivated by fear and anger that has been drilled into their heads by the mainstream media. O’Malley cites her faith in God as the reason why she does not fear coming out. And quite frankly, the US needs more good citizens like her. The nonsense from the politico-media complex has gone on for far too long.


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