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Seth Rogen Roasts The Emmys And The Audience At The Same Time

Hollywood actor Seth Rogen hosted the recent Emmy Awards and simultaneously roasted the show for not being outdoors as advertised. The event was essentially held within one room inside of a giant tent. There were walls, doors, and a roof with three chandeliers hanging down. Surely, this even could have taken place in a regular venue with multiple rooms and proper facilities. But the tent option appears to be a loophole to skirt around some of the mandates in Los Angeles County, even though some parts of the mandate were still voluntarily upheld.

Los Angeles County has a mask mandate that does not discriminate. Meaning, all people must wear a mask at indoor events regardless of vaccination status. None of the Hollywood elite at the event wore masks. There was no social distancing and apparently no rules against touching. Plenty of hugging and handshakes happened at the Emmy Awards. The supporting staff, however, all wore masks. Which defeats the purpose of having the event inside the “outdoor” tent. Or maybe the purpose of the tent was to allow the elites to do whatever they wanted and not the servants.

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Seth Rogen pointed this obvious issue out toward the beginning of his hosting duties. The Canadian actor best known for his comedic roles said that he was told the event would be outdoors, but it is not. A hermetically sealed tent does not count as outdoors. While Seth Rogen’s bit was well-received by many on the interwebs, it’s hard to ignore his own hypocrisy here. On one hand, he says that being in a small room with a lot of people isn’t good, and if he knew that would be the case then he wouldn’t have attended. Yet, he still remained on stage. And it doesn’t look like anyone was in a rush to leave. Of course, he did not wear a mask and neither did any of the Hollywood actors in the crowd.

This event displayed the growing divide between classes in America. It is clearly hypocritical for the servants at the Emmy Awards to wear masks while the actors don’t. The common excuse found in the depths of hell known as “Twitter” is “all of the actors were vaccinated”! This is, of course, unknowable. Nicki Minaj is an unvaccinated celebrity. She says many of her celebrity friends aren’t vaccinated either but they won’t disclose that information to the public. Los Angeles County is fairly liberal in general so there will be a higher vaccination rate overall. One could make the guess that the staff was actually more vaccinated than the actors. Vaccination status is irrelevant anyway because LA County’s mask applies to everyone, shots or no shots.

The new pandemic might just be the pandemic of a false ideology. Believing in whatever news media says. Making up excuses for elites because of their popularity. Screaming out “trust the science” while all types of loopholes and double standards poke holes in that so-called “science”. The 2021 Emmy Awards should wake the average person up to the fact that society in the United States is intentionally being fractured. The first step to stopping it is to acknowledge that the effort is happening.

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