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Microsoft Employees Introduce Themselves In Cringeworthy Fashion

Several clips of Microsoft employees presenting various products and software features have gone viral due to the strange way they introduced themselves. During a presentation about security, Microsoft employees fully described their own appearance including height, hair length and color, ethnicity, gender, and of course… preferred pronouns. To label this as oversharing may be an understatement. The official explanation is that they were attempting to visualize themselves for the visually impaired. The reaction an average person would have, however, is the most likely and obvious. Microsoft is simply trying to “lean in” to “woke culture” in the United States.

Aside from delivering a way-too-detailed description of themselves, Microsoft employees also described the location they were recording from. Well… sort of. During one video’s introduction, one woman took time out to recognize that the “land” they were on was originally inhabited by Native American tribes. The woman then went on to name each tribe individually. After the virtue signaling to Native Americans ended, they went on to describe themselves by race, physical appearance, and pronouns as was the case in other videos. The excuse of “visualizing” on-screen employees for the visually impaired doesn’t quite apply to vocally expressing a form of guilt over the conquest of Natives.

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Leftist critics say that “the right” (whoever they may be) should not express any form of negative feedback to Microsoft over the aforementioned introductions. After all, making things more “accessible” is great for progressivism. Acknowledging Native American people is also a great progressive principle. There are a few issues here. First of all, true progressive values would be letting go of the importance of physical appearance. Especially during a Microsoft video about software security that has nothing to do with a person’s physical appearance, race, gender, gender identity, or anything else. Second, recognizing Native Americans during a video that has nothing to do with world history is simply out of place. There is a time and place for everything. And a video about Microsoft software is the oddest time to bring up accomplishments of the Snohomish Tribe.


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