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Female Corrections Officer Arrested For Lewd Video With Male Inmate

A female corrections officer from Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta) has been fired and arrested due to a video of her and an inmate. Police conducted a “shakedown” of the inmate’s cell and discovered a cell phone. On that phone, a video was found of the inmate and the officer. The officer performed a lewd act with the male inmate while she was fully in uniform. This is obviously a criminal offense outside of simply being improper for the work environment.

Several stories like this have popped up over the recent weeks and months. Once the issue of transgenderism is added into the mix, these types of problems will not cease until a common-sense approach is taken. Men and women have separate jails/prisons for a reason. This separation should also take place on a staff level. There should also not be exceptions given to certain people because they “identify” as another gender that they were not born.

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