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YouTuber “JustPearlyThings” In Hot Water Over Controversial Interview With Nick Fuentes

YouTuber @JustPearlyThings issued an apology of sorts after interviewing the highly controversial Nick Fuentes. “Pearly” has a very successful channel that deals mostly with relationship issues. The majority of her clips and full podcasts feature an 80 to 90% black cast and guests.

She has become a very popular figure in the “black manosphere.” Obviously, a white American woman becoming well-known in a space like this can cause problems. Many people will accuse her of not truly caring about issues that she doesn’t actually live with daily, even if her friends or significant other is black. Regardless of the naysayers, she has continued to flourish.

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However, there is now a roadblock. She decided to interview notorious racist Nick Fuentes on her channel. This was a bad move from the beginning that she ignored the warning signs of. Many people told her on Twitter that she should not interview him before she actually produced the content. In return, she accused “conservatives” of being cowards for refusing to platform him.

Fast forward to a month later after the interview comes out, she deletes it and apologizes. This is due to all the inflammatory things that Nick said throughout that Pearly did not push back hard enough against.


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