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Female Gym TikToker Falsely Accuses Male Trainer Of Harassment

A female gym TikTok “influencer” recorded a video of herself in the gym accusing a male trainer of being inappropriate toward her. The woman was recording herself in the mirror in a state of undress, removing her shirt to reveal an athletic top underneath. The mirror was able to capture two men behind her looking in her direction. One man was in the middle of his set and he said something to the trainer. The trainer looked and may have said something himself. This prompted the woman to ask the trainer repeatedly “do you need something?” to which the trainer responded “no”. The trainer then asked if the woman was ok. The woman answered in an extremely rude fashion. So the trainer advised her that he does work at the gym and that he can have her removed from the premises.

The TikTok influencer uploaded this video with a caption that labeled the trainer as a “pervert” in an attempt to throw him under the proverbial bus for simply looking at her and possibly saying something that wasn’t quite audible on the video. The video should be enough for the trainer to sue for libel and/or slander. Videos like this have become popular on TikTok. Perhaps the goal is to actually catch men in the act of harassing women in gyms. What normally ends up happening is that the influencer appears to be the one in the wrong for falsely accusing some poor guy in the gym of doing something that he did not do.

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Woman On TikTok Claims Gym Trainer Was Being A Pervert “Do You Need Something?”

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