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Female Gym TikToker Falsely Accuses Male Trainer Of Harassment

A female gym TikTok “influencer” recorded a video of herself in the gym accusing a male trainer of being inappropriate toward her. The woman was recording herself in the mirror in a state of undress, removing her shirt to reveal an athletic top underneath. The mirror was able to capture two men behind her looking in her direction. One man was in the middle of his set and he said something to the trainer. The trainer looked and may have said something himself. This prompted the woman to ask the trainer repeatedly “do you need something?” to which the trainer responded “no”. The trainer then asked if the woman was ok. The woman answered in an extremely rude fashion. So the trainer advised her that he does work at the gym and that he can have her removed from the premises.

The TikTok influencer uploaded this video with a caption that labeled the trainer as a “pervert” in an attempt to throw him under the proverbial bus for simply looking at her and possibly saying something that wasn’t quite audible on the video. The video should be enough for the trainer to sue for libel and/or slander. Videos like this have become popular on TikTok. Perhaps the goal is to actually catch men in the act of harassing women in gyms. What normally ends up happening is that the influencer appears to be the one in the wrong for falsely accusing some poor guy in the gym of doing something that he did not do.

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Woman On TikTok Claims Gym Trainer Was Being A Pervert “Do You Need Something?”

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  1. Nah. There is such a thing as gym etiquette, and this aint it. Clearly they were attempting to hit on her. The guys were in the wrong, clearly gawking and talking shit. Its a gym it happens.

    He shoulda flipped it and just said he was admiring her hard work. As an employee, he should have #1 deescalated the situation by apologizing if he offended her … waaaaaay before ever saying something so ignorant as ‘ima call the cops trespassing removed or whatever. Its a business and when you deal with the public, paying customers, you need to act appropriately and show basic respect, even if a little off base. Gawking, making comments and threats aint that. He should be fired and the dude on the machine warned about making audible comments about other members.

    On the otherhand, she shoulda kept her mouth shut, walked over to the staff counter, asked for the manager, assuming it aint that same d-bag, and complained about the inappropriate gawkin and shit talkin.

    BTW that outfit is not skimpy at all! Bodybuilders wear literally nothing and constantly pose in mirrors not only to check out progress but its actually an exercise in and of itself. Look that shit up. But yeah if you go to a gym open to the public and dont want to be looked at, got nothin for ya.

  2. @Paul

    You sound like a such a cuck goofball. Gawkin? The video is in slow motion dummy. She literally has a CAMERA pointing in their direction, the trainer looks for a split second CLEARLY after the guy he is training says something. This little arrogant girl immediately gets a nasty attitude. His initial response was confusion because she said “Do you want something”. You making “false claims” that he was “Shit talking” please show us in this 40 second clip where he was “Shit talking”. Loser

  3. @Paul You nailed it. Anybody with an once of common sense who has spent more than 5 minutes in a gym should know the proper etiquette. People are always taking selfies and posing, anyone who more than glances, stares and rudely comments deserves to be fired or told to fuck off. Especially these two ghetto trash buffalo soldier hypocritical niggers hitting on a white girl that was minding her own business.

    @Kelz + @David Both you halfwits are precisely what is wrong in America today. Uneducated, delusional, brainwashed, buffalo soldier hypocrite nigger lovin apeasin emboldening fags. You two need to get a room and GFYS 🙂

  4. Dion the racist peon…….you had to bring race into it didn’t you? So in the future anytime someone takes there shirt off to workout if you look that’s sexual harassment or only when it’s folk you don’t like?

  5. Let me get this straight. She’s filming, a trainer and client are doing their thing. Client most likely says to trainer “hey check her out” and as soon as the trainer looks over his should, literally about 1 second later she’s making it an issue?

    Looking at the time stamp he literally turns his head around the 20.5 second mark and at 23 seconds she’s like you need something?

    Mole hills and mountains and all that.

  6. @Cain LOL.. yeah im racist now because clearly this isnt being turned into one of those “karen” things which is entirely about race nah. Its the opposite of what you think I am racist for. These nigger d-bag types act a fool, they deserve to be treted as such. Show respect and get it in return, Simple enough for even somebody as brainwashed and ignorant as you can understand. Maybe.

    Secondly I see and hear black people saying nigger every other sentence on the street, sometimes multiple times in a single thought aka sentence, all around social media, in film, in music, its literally everywhere and I am sick and tired of black Americans (and its only black America) saying “yeah, but only we can say that word!”. Another typical appease and embolden the ex-slave native indian and hawaiian exterminating buffalo soldier hypocritical double standards of 21st century dumb af America. Not gonna subscribe to your gay af chickenshit sociopoliticalideologies honey. But hey, I’m a reasonable guy, so how bout this… when you blacks stop saying it, maybe I’ll do the same? Until then GFYS spineless fool.

  7. Looking is one thing, rude comments entirely another. Especially in what appears to be an empty gym. If it were 2 white guys and a black woman itd be racist no doubt. The 2 white guys would be fired from whatever career they have, ostracized and banished to hell, family ruined and life completely destroyed over it. Oh but they are black so they get a pass? Where is the common decency and courtesy for a lady anymore? What attitudes in the video and on this page with people defending such ignorant behavior. Gawd America is so f*cked!

  8. All they did is glance over at an opposite sex, which both male and females do pretty much every day of their lives since High School…You didn’t see conversation, facial expressions, gawking, nothing of the sort. Anyone who see’s the guys as wrong are dumbasses, plain & simple. PS: Compared to most female gym influencers, she’s a 4/10 (below average) so that’s probably why she’s chasing clout with this flimsy BS

  9. Anyone who has arms flailing and is removing clothing is going to attract attention. There is nothing wrong with looking at someone for literally a second. In shared public places people will look at each other. Shes clearly watching the men with the camera pointed at them to try and capitalize on all the legit gym videos of men being creeps for views and likes. She then slo-mos the 1 second glance to try and make it into something its not and immediately gets extremely aggressive. This is pathetic. She’s pathetic and not even near hot enough for that kinda attitude. You cant be so full of yourself that when you enter a public place you expect everyone to stare at the floor or the lights. There are lots of creeps at gyms, but this isn’t one of those situations. And dion, you’re a racist POS.

  10. the racist, the simp and the feminist commenting here should go back in time to when people were hold accountable for the crap they said. they would stop being retarded right away

  11. You people are ignorant AF and clearly dont know shit about gyms or whats acceptable behavior in them. A gym isnt a FN social event FFS. It’s a place to focus on yourself and exercise without judgement or commentary. Staring at people and talking shit is not okay and that idiot should be fired for participating and handling it the way he did. If there were other guys around I can guarantee you they would have stepped in and told them to STFU and mind their own business. Then again, it is 21st century spineless scaredy cat America and judging by some of these comments one could say those days in America are now long gone, so probably not. Grow a brain, grow some balls, get a life and try thinking for yourself for once you bunch of deluded halfwit tools.

    @Dion I agree, “nigger”

  12. Paul and Dion both idiots, people will instinctly be attracted by body hugging clothes and the act of undressing, it is biology that we have these instincts. this was simply entrapment , why undress and wear tight fitting clothes in public if you mentally cannot handle the attention, instead wear comfortablr loss fitting baggy attire, why upload a video of your body on the web so everyone can to be a pervert over it but someone glancing at you for 2 seconds you are offended by

  13. @TT well spoken, like somebody who joined a gym for $5k and a 5 year contract, went for a week and then gave up, with the mentality of a genuine grade A brainwashed delusional clueless nigger lovin halfwit c*nt. Anybody who believes its perfectly Ok for an employee to participate in and then threaten a paying customer should be put down to spare the human race of further embarrassment. And if it were a black girl and 2 white guys, for sure theyd be labelled chauvinistic misogynistic racist pigs and either be in jail or at the minimum fired jobless, divorced, homeless and banished from society. Now crawl back to your safe space and GFYS fag.

  14. gender hating femenists will believe anything be it a karen who puts up a camera in a empty gym at 2am in the morning to record her taking her top off in front of 2 guys and then doctors the video by adding fake captions slows down the speed and zooms in on the video to run a narrative to an amber heard previously arrested for domestic violence towards an ex girlfriend to now pretenting to be a victim of domestic violence


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