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Michigan Police Force Will Show Up Less Frequently Due To Gas Prices

The police force of Isabella County, Michigan will show up to fewer calls than normal due to high gas prices. The average for a gallon of gas in 2021 in Michigan was around $3.00. Gas Buddy recently announced a national average of $5.00 for one gallon of gas. In Isabella County, the average is currently sitting at $5.19. This has caused the county to deplete its entire gas budget already… just halfway through the year.

Isabella County cannot simply print and spend money as the Federal Government of the United States does to shore up its budget. They have to actually get a budget passed and figure out a way to fund themselves. In the meantime, they have to reduce the number of times squad cars are actually deployed out to calls. The money simply is not there to fuel all of these squad cars at the very high current prices. There is no other choice than to simply cut back. Isabella County police say they will try to resolve issues over the phone whenever possible. This will turn emergency operators into conflict resolution centers.

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Michigan police says higher gas prices has forced them to ask deputies to handle non-urgent calls | Daily Mail Online

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High gas prices led a Michigan sheriff to announce deputies would skip calls. Then his statement disappeared. –

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Good Morning America on Twitter: “PAIN AT THE PUMP: A Michigan county sheriff’s office is aiming to resolve non-emergency calls by phone after blowing through its fuel budget due to high gas prices. @perezreports has the details.” / Twitter

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  1. Oh but as we see everyday in the news, they sure as hell WILL show up in full force droves, every department in the state along with federal agencies – AFTER the fact. They’ll spend tens of millions on investigations and then tens of millions more on triasl and tens of millions more on incarceration – for EACH incident, but not an extra $100k on tax funded gas?! GMAFB. Pathetic. Welcome to America! USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! YES! Get’n mine! Freedom! Enjoy!

  2. SWEET! So does this mean there wont be a cop on every street corner babysitting and quota hunting waiting to bust me for jaywalking or not stopping long enough at the stop sign or improper use of a turn signal at midnight with noone around? Nah. 🙁


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