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Final 2020 Presidential Debate RECAP: Best For Last!

The final 2020 Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden took place in Nashville, Tennessee at Belmont University. The date was Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 and the time was from 9pm to about 1030pm EST. Kristen Welker of NBC News moderated the debate. Welker was widely praised as doing a stellar job at moderating, even by Trump himself during the debate.

Donald Trump had a much more reserved tone at the beginning of this debate compared to the previous debate moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News. Commentators even noted that he appeared to be low energy. As the 90-minute debate wore on, the President gained more energy and settled into his more natural state. Biden, on the other hand, did not appear very energetic at the beginning, but he was able to make good points without too much floundering. However, Biden was not able to carry the same energy level throughout the entirety of the debate. Biden was essentially “out of gas” about 45 minutes into the debate.

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The first topic of the night was, of course, the virus from China. Enthusiasm from the general public on this particular issue is not very high, as there is quite a bit of fatigue and skepticism. Nonetheless, the topic was debated for a decent amount of time.

Biden threw a large number of 200,000 in relation to how many more people could die from the virus by the end of the year. Biden took a doom and gloom approach throughout the entirety of the debate. Trump countered Biden’s criticism of his handling of the virus by pointing out the fact that most everyone on the left labeled Trump as a xenophobe for cutting off travel from China back in January. The issue of shutdowns was addressed and Trump took a practical approach using the example of “dying” New York City. The solution to the virus cannot be worse than the virus itself.

At a certain point during the debate, foreign interests and possible corruption was discussed. For some odd reason, Biden brought up former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. That moment opened the proverbial door for Trump to bring up the elephant in the room which is Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell”.

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Hunter Biden is caught up in a scandal in which he is alleged to have taken money from shady foreign business dealings by using the Biden family name. Hunter is also alleged to have given his father a percentage of the ill-gotten proceeds. And before the debate, there was a press conference with a man by the name of Tony Bobulinski who is Hunter Biden’s former business connection. Bobulinski presented three cell phones that prove Joe Biden knew everything about Hunter’s business dealings and profited off of them. Trump eloquently asked Biden to clear up the obvious problems that Hunter’s laptop brings up. Biden denied any wrongdoing but did not deny the validity of his son’s laptop.

The issue of “kids in cages” at the southern border between the United States and Mexico was brought up. Joe Biden mentioned over 500 “migrant families” that were still not together after being separated. Donald Trump did not miss the opportunity to remind Biden that it was his Obama administration that built the “cages” to begin with a now-viral moment of the debate.

Trump also brought up the fact that most of these “children” who were “ripped from their parents” were actually coming across the border unaccompanied or as a result of coyotes bringing them in. Trump’s “coyote” comment displayed the general ignorance of non-political people when it comes to human trafficking. An elected official in Georgia even attempted to slam Trump over the comment.

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Just for the record, the term “coyote” in the context of human trafficking and/or human smuggling refers to a person who is paid for the services of bringing a person across the border illegally. The beauty of debates is that millions of people are able to get a crash course in politics and political issues like human trafficking and the minimum wage, which Trump also spoke on. He detailed how very high minimum wages, especially from the federal level, can destroy businesses. Trump also spoke about the differences between rural Alabama and San Francisco, California. $15 dollars an hour is more reasonable in a place with a larger economy than in a place without high-paying jobs and big-money industry.

Speaking of industry, Joe Biden repeated a lie when he said that he never called for an end to fracking. He has done so several times and there is videotape with audio to prove it. The tapes are not from private meetings undercover, either. He has disavowed fracking several times while on stage during this current campaign cycle. Biden has to pivot away from calling for an end to fracking because it will cost him important states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Trump was even able to get Biden to say that he will “transition away” from fossil fuels during this debate.

Overall, the debate was good. Very well moderated. Biden had a few moments where he was able to make good points but they were few and far in between. Trump did well throughout the entirety of the debate although he got a little excited at times and strayed away from being the “good cop”. Many people have already voted early but there are many more who have yet to vote and may have been undecided until the most recent debate. Millions tuned in. This debate was more than a good show, it could change the future of the world for an entire generation.


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