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What Should Be Done With The Federal Minimum Wage?

The age-old argument over the federal minimum wage law was brought up during the final debate of 2020 between President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. Trump laid out an argument of high minimum wage hurting employees and businesses. The President also said that a high federal wage does not take into account the United States’ regional economic differences.

Biden laid out his idea of a $15 dollar per hour minimum wage being the bare minimum upon which people require to live. The former Vice President stated that a higher minimum wage helps small businesses due to more money being available to pay for goods and services. This section of the debate sparked a debate beyond the two Presidential hopefuls in Nashville.

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Wal-Mart wage hike to $15 an hour would cost it $4.95 billion: study | Reuters

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Seattle’s $15 minimum wage may be hurting workers, report says

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