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Florida Man Found Not Guilty In Case That Ruins The Media’s Kyle Rittenhouse Narrative

A black man by the name of Andrew Coffee IV of Gifford, Florida was found not guilty on a case that has caused many to draw parallels to Kyle Rittenhouse. The now 27-year-old man found himself in the middle of a gun battle with police back in 2017. Gifford police raided a known drug house while Coffee and his then 21-year-old girlfriend were allegedly sleeping. Coffee testified to being awakened by a flashbang then seeing what appeared to be the barrel of a rifle pointing through his open bedroom window. He grabbed his weapon and fired out of the window in what he claims was self-defense. Police returned fire which resulted in the death of Coffee’s girlfriend, Alteria Woods.

Andrew Coffee was charged with murder, attempted murder, and a gun charge as a result of the tragic incident at his home. He recently beat the murder and attempted murder charges but was convicted of a gun charge. Coffee probably would have beaten the gun charge if not for the fact that he is a 4x convicted felon. Felons cannot own guns in the State of Florida or in most other places in the United States unless their rights are restored or they receive a pardon. Local police released a statement expressing their disappointment with the outcome. They said if Andrew Coffee would have simply complied with law enforcement, then his girlfriend would not have been killed by SWAT that night. SWAT was initially investigated for wrongdoing and cleared.

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The narrative spun by leftist-controlled mainstream media and some Democratic politicians is that Kyle Rittenhouse would be treated differently if he was black. After all, he did “cross state lines” with a gun and “mow down” so-called “innocent protesters”. At least, that’s what they want the general public to think. The reality is much different. Black and “people of color” are usually treated the same as their white counterparts or better. As a matter of fact, if Kyle Rittenhouse was black then he probably would not have been charged at all. The only reason why the Rittenhouse case even matters is because of the “dangerous white male” narrative that was too juicy for the media to pass up.

Andrew Coffee probably should be in prison for attempted murder and murder. But the jury was not convinced there was enough evidence to prove it. This type of outcome is not uncommon. It is normal. The media have completely ignored it because it disproves their narrative about black men being poor victims who never get a fair shake or a break. If the story would have gone the other way, then the media would pick it up in a New York minute to prove their faulty narrative. Even still, the narrative would still be false. Every single day, violent offenders are either let off the hook or given slaps on the wrist. Especially in urban, inner-city areas. The common man in Pleasantville, USA probably does not know that. This ignorance is by design.


Jury acquits Gifford man who claimed self-defense after girlfriend killed by sheriff’s SWAT team in 2017 raid

Andrew Coffee IV found not guilty on all counts of murder

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  1. I agree with u totally! This guy in Florida should have been sento the penitentiary! That is why they can get so many felonies because the lw is too lenient on black crinals! That is racist in itself! As a felon he shouldn’t have been their or DEFINATELY not had a gun!!!!!!

  2. I believe the verdict was right in this case as well. When you serve your time for a crime you’ve paid your debt to society. You spend years being a prisoner and are supposed to be welcomed back with open arms but the truth is you aren’t. The main issue with this case was the use of a no knock warrant which should be illegal. There’s rarely a no knock that goes without any incident. In this case they threw a flashbang which in the dead of sleep can be mistaken for a gunshot. And if I woke up thought I heard a gun shot and saw the barrel of a gun in my window I’m shooting. IDC who it is because as far as I know it’s someone trying to get into my home and cause me and my family bodily harm.

  3. I think the leniancy shown is across the board, not just with black criminals. Like the lady defender said, “He has to live with his girlfriend’s death.” OH PLEASE! Stop it with coddling criminals. Put them away so they can’t harm anyone else ever again. If there are no consequences for criminal activity, then criminal activity will continue. There will be no soul searching done while spending years in prison. There will just be waiting for a couple months to get out so they can continue to do more crime. It’s not rocket science.
    As for the “no-knock” practice, it should be reserved for extreme cases, like kidnapping or hostage situation. If you can’t get evidence on a dumb drug dealer without busting the door down in the middle of the night, then there’s a problem right there.


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