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Julius Jones Is Guilty As Charged Despite Clemency

Formerly condemned man Julius Jones was granted last-minute clemency by the Governor of Oklahoma on Friday, November 19th, 2021. Julius Jones was convicted back in 2002 of a 1999 carjacking murder of Paul Scott Howell in Edmond, Oklahoma. Instead of the death penalty, Julius Jones will now serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The incident in question happened in front of Howell’s two young daughters and his sisters in the driveway of his parent’s house. There were no words exchanged between the assailants and Howell. As soon as he stepped out of his car to go inside of the home, Julius Jones allegedly shot him at point-blank range. Jones and his co-defendant, Christopher Jordan, stole the vehicle and drove over Howell’s body as they fled.

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Paul Scott Howell’s daughters and sisters witnessed the horrific incident as they were in the car when it happened. Luckily, they were able to escape unharmed. They lived to testify against Jordan. One of the daughters (or the sister) testified that one to two inches of hair was visible beneath the shooter’s stocking cap. This was interpreted as raised hair sticking out, like overstuffing a bag.

Christopher Jordan had cornrows at the time while Julius Jones had a low-cut hairstyle. So the thought process by some was that these were cornrows (hair braids) physically sticking out of the stocking cap instead of close-cut hair being visible. The witness says this was not the case and the Julius Jones is the shooter. Details like that don’t seem to matter much to those who have created a narrative around the story that has pushed it to the forefront in the media.

There is a mountain of evidence against Julius Jones supporting his conviction back in 2002. Paul Scott Howell’s family say they say Julius Jones wearing a red bandana and a cap covering the top part of his head. The red bandana was found wrapped around the murder weapon in Jones’s room at the place he was living. DNA on the bandana and ballistics of the weapon match. Other witnesses saw Jones and his co-d driving the stolen vehicle around town and ultimately abandoning the car at a gas station. Videotape of the gas station abandonment exists.

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The only way anyone would think of letting Julius Jones off the hook for this brazen murder in front of a man’s sister and small children is if they simply support murderers. There is no justifiable reason for Jones to have committed this heinous act of violence. And he most certainly should never be released from the penitentiary. He is not rehabilitated.

Jones recently sent letters to the family of the victim attempting to gain sympathy and a release. This communication was not welcomed by the family nor requested. They say it was frightening that he knows where they live. The best place for Julius Jones to be is behind bars or on the chair.


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