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Florida Man Injected Chemicals Into Neighbor’s Home Over Noisy Baby

A Florida man injected toxic chemicals into an apartment above him over a noise complaint. His upstairs neighbor had a small baby, which may have contributed to the noise. There were also complaints of footsteps and drawer doors closing. The man, a chemistry student and Ph.D. candidate Xuming Li, has been arrested and charged with several felonies in relation to the act. He injected opiates with a syringe into the bottom right-hand corner of the space between the door and the door jamb.

Umar Abdullah, his wife, and their newborn baby live in the apartment. Abdullah and his wife noticed that they were getting sick and so was their baby. They also noticed smells coming from the general area of the door jamb. They thought this smell was emanating from the hot water heater, which they subsequently replaced. After replacing the water heater and still experiencing the smell and symptoms, Abdullah had the idea to install a hidden camera outside of their door. That’s when they saw Xuming Li injecting chemicals into their home.

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