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Some Leftists Fear “The MAGAs” Are Stealing The Black Male Vote

An article on the leftist website “The Root” claims that “The MAGAs” are making attempts to steal the black male vote. The core argument is that the GOP, especially Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is racist and therefore undeserving of the black male vote. The argument also says that the GOP is using underhanded, racist, and divisive tactics to convince black men to vote for them in larger numbers than in previous elections.

Baseless claims and allegations (along with obvious typographical and grammatical errors) are littered throughout the entire article. Nothing in the article states that black men are simply tired of what the Democratic Party has to offer. Nor does the article speak about the obvious racism from President Joe Biden when he spoke to Charlamagne Da God, also a black male, when asked about what he would do for the black community. The article is not much more than a Ron DeSantis hit piece combined with a hit piece on black conservative men.

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Why The Maga’s Effort To Steal The Black Male Vote Has Surged, But Must Be Stopped

Election disinformation campaigns targeted voters of color in 2020. Experts expect 2024 to be worse | AP News

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