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Hurricane Idalia Ridiculously Blamed On Climate Change

Mainstream media pundits and high-ranking politicians have decided to blame Hurricane Idalia’s path of destruction on climate change. The Category 3 hurricane made landfall near Tallahassee, Florida, and continued on through the Florida panhandle, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. The storm surge upon landfall in Florida was significant, but not outside of what is to be expected from a storm this time of year.

Hurricanes always happen during warm months of the year and August is a notoriously hot month for these storms. Both Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina took place in August. The Gulf of Mexico and the Southern East Coast have been getting summer storms dating back to the first civilizations of man to walk these regions.

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Blaming climate change for hurricanes and/or the severity of hurricanes is ridiculous. Much of the significant geographic features on the East Coast of the United States were formed by these powerful storms. However, the trend to do in 2023 is to blame any sort of extreme weather event on manmade climate change. These media and left-wing political types not only blamed Hurricane Idalia on climate change but also the wildfires in Hawaii.


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