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Ford Releases Commercial Catering To The LGBTQ Community

Ford has released an LGBTQ-friendly commercial featuring the Raptor version of their Ranger and/or F150 line of trucks. The commercial features two Ford Ranger trucks racing through a dry, dusty environment. Both vehicles are covered in dirt during the beginning moments of the commercial. Slowly, but surely, the exterior of both trucks is revealed. One of the trucks has a beautiful, fire-truck red exterior with obvious Ford Raptor detailing. The other truck is also a Raptor, but with a gaudy golden base color that sits underneath a wavy wrap of the LGBTQ flag.

It is not quite clear why Ford would produce such a commercial that is clearly catering to the LGBTQ community when that is clearly not the target audience of those who purchase their pickup trucks.

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Robby Starbuck on Twitter: “Did you know that Ford has a truck they call their “Very Gay Raptor”? Check out their ad where the truck “comes out” of mud to reveal its trans/queer flag colors. Does this make you more or less likely to buy a @Ford? @budlight showed people are sick of this.” / Twitter

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