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Extreme Plus-Sized Woman Says Airplane Cabins Are Discriminatory

A plus-sized TikTok influencer by the name of “BigCurvyOlivia” uploaded a now-viral video that shows her struggling to navigate the cabin of an airplane. The short TikTok video shows the woman twisting and turning her body to simply walk forward in the aisle of the cabin. The caption on the bottom of the video reads “honestly, it’s discrimination that they can’t build wider aisles in airplanes 2023.” Hundreds of commenters rushed to the video to respond with the obvious. It does not make sense to simply increase the overall size of an airplane or reduce the number of seats in current airplanes because of a few people who are morbidly obese and refuse to lose weight.

The body-positivity movement has taken a stronghold in the West. This movement is especially dangerous on social media platforms like TikTok, because young people (especially women) are heavily influenced by this. The health risks of morbid obesity are not highlighted on social platforms, but the ability to garner a lot of attention (positive or negative) is.

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