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Ireland Riots Spiral Out Of Control After Alleged Migrant Stabs Children

Riots in Dublin, Ireland spiraled out of control after an alleged migrant stabbed three children and one adult woman. The victims sustained serious injuries but none of them have passed away as of the writing of this article. The assailant’s name has not been released, but he is believed to be an Irish national with 20 years of citizenship who is in his 40s. Rumors on social media say the man is originally from Algeria. The issue of mass immigration and the problems it causes have been cause for concern in Europe for many years. This is part of what fueled the “Brexit” campaign in the neighboring United Kingdom.

Authorities in Ireland describe the riots as “hooliganism” brought on by “far-right” protesters. Ironically enough, the behavior exhibited in Dublin would be considered far-left action in the United States. Footage of rioters breaking into Foot Lockers and other retail stores has gone viral. They set a train and other structures on fire. Police fought off debris being thrown at them with riot shields. Irish PM Leo Varadkar says Dublin is safe after 34 protesters were arrested, but there are still chatterings of an uptick in the rioting.

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