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Fox Host Thinks Black People Will Vote Trump Over His New Sneakers

Fox News host Raymond Arroyo has recently gone viral for his comments on black people and their admiration for Trump’s sneakers. President Donald Trump appeared at SneakerCon in Philadelphia, debuting Trump-branded shoes. The sneakers cost $400 and quickly sold out. Most pro-Trump people at the event would probably show up anywhere Trump is, meaning these people are not necessarily “sneakerheads.” They are simply Trump fans.

Raymond Arroyo thought that chatter on social media from black people would transform into some support from the President. Tomi Lahren was on the show with Arroyo and pushed back on his claims. She asked him if he thought the discussion over shoes would translate into new voters. He didn’t really answer the question but remained enthusiastic. Arroyo doesn’t appear to understand much about the community outside of what he sees on social media and television.

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The black community isn’t really moved by fundraising tactics. They are motivated by actionable items, like the failed promise from Joe Biden about student loan debt forgiveness. Fashion and sneakers may be popular among some in the black community, but to conflate social media attention for a collector’s item pair of shoes is still at best.


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