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Fox News John Roberts FREAKS OUT Over Trump’s Debate Comments

Fox News reporter John Roberts nearly had a meltdown in the White House press room while asking Kayleigh McEnany about President Trump’s recent comments on white supremacy. The comments happened during the September 29th Presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Chris Wallace, also of Fox News, was the debate’s lone moderator. Wallace asked Trump loaded questions throughout the night while generally sparing Biden.

At one point, Wallace randomly asked if Trump wants to denounce white supremacist groups, to which Trump said “sure.” Wallace continued his question after Trump answered the most important part of it before he finished. Apparently, Trump’s quick answer to the “white supremacy” question was not quite enough for Chris Wallace or for Fox News in general. Wallace attempted to rope other specific incidents and people into the general concept of “white supremacist” or “hateful” groups.

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Frustrated with the question continuing, which is the equivalent of being badgered, Trump asked “what do you want me to denounce, tell me a name!” Biden then yells out “Proud Boys!” Trump responds to the Proud Boys mention from Biden by saying “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” Trump immediately brought up an actual violent (and mostly white) group called ANTIFA which has been wreaking all over the United States, especially in Portland, Oregon. Chris Wallace and Joe Biden both dismissed it. Biden even went so far as to imply that ANTIFA only exists as an “idea” and nothing else.

The mainstream media took this opportunity to say that Trump did not denounce white supremacy “again.” CNN, ABC, NBC, all of the major general players ran with the story. Although Trump literally denounced white supremacy during the debate and has been denouncing white supremacy for years. Fox News of all places appears to be taking the bait with Fox News Channel reporter John Roberts badgering Kayleigh McEnany during the White House Press Briefing over the President’s comments.

All of the attacks on Donald Trump in regards to race are very familiar. The election cycle back in 2016 was full of the exact same thing. Manufactured civil unrest with the intent of intimidating Trump supporters combined with a near-slanderous campaign against Trump by the media and left-wing politicos to label him as a racist. Trump constantly denounces white supremacy and he is constantly asked. Plenty of violence is perpetrated against Trump supporters but Joe Biden barely gets any questions about that.

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News media on the left and the right on a mainstream level are becoming indistinguishable and it’s really unfortunate for that to be the case at a time like this.


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