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Fox Sports Anchor Records Cringeworthy Video In Support Of Affirmative Action

Fox Sports One anchor and host Emmanuel Acho recorded one of the strangest videos on social media in support of affirmative action. He responded to the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled against race-based admissions in college. The practice of affirmative action in places of higher education resulted in Asians being discriminated against in favor of blacks and Hispanics. Kenny Xu, a board member of Students For Fair Admissions, made an appearance on CNN to explain the plight of Asian students in college. He stated that the average Asian student must score 273 points higher on the SAT to gain admission over a black applicant.

Acho, however, saw the entire thing differently. He looked at the SCOTUS decision as one that was done to support white college applicants instead of being fair to Asians. The short video he recorded flashed up a few videos and leftist talking points. Throughout the video, he was taking articles of his clothing off until he got down into a black t-shirt. There is no explanation as to why he was doing this, but it was strange at best.

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Emmanuel Acho on Twitter: “Harvard admitted its first student in 1636, but its first black student wasn’t admitted until 1847. That’s roughly a 211 year disadvantage for black and brown people. To overturn affirmative action is to allow the sins our past to continue to permeate and poison our future.” / Twitter

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