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Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses In Baltimore After Ship Collision

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed after being struck by a giant ship at 1:30 am on Tuesday, March 26th. The vessel appears to have lost power as it departed from the port at Dundalk. There may have also been an engine failure, as evidenced by black smoke billowing from the back. The mechanical failures observed in the video probably caused the vessel to lose its maneuverability, turning it into a slow-moving missile that struck the bridge and caused it to collapse into the Patapsco River.

As of this article’s writing, a search and rescue operation is underway to find drivers who were on the bridge when it collapsed. The ship’s crew has been accounted for, although it is unknown if they are injured. The very busy Port of Baltimore has been shut down, preventing all outgoing ships from leaving and all incoming vessels from entering. There is no timetable set for the bridge’s cleanup or reconstruction.

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